This has really frustrated me.iTunes_button

For the past 4 1/2 years our free Podcast has reliability updated in the iTunes store.

But for some unknown reason it's broken = isn't displaying new episodes and new subscribers aren't getting anything ūüôĀ

Up till now Apple has been unresponsive in resolving this problem.

ICI/PRO members are not affected by this. Your Member's Only Super Secret iTunes feed contains both the free and premium episodes of the Podcasts. Non-members can subscribe here.

So here's a quick fix to correct this yourself, that should only take you a few seconds/clicks.

To subscribe using iTunes

  1. Right click this link and select "Copy Link Address" (Control C works as well) or if you aren't seeing it as a link highlight the whole link and Right Click "Copy Link Address"
  2. Open iTunes on your computer - Mac or PC.
  3. In iTunes select; File > Subscribe to a Podcast and Right Click Paste (or Control V works) the new feed address you copied in the box that opens.
  4. Click OK and you'll see the Podcasts + future episodes.

To subscribe using the Podcast app on your device. iPhone/iPad users can get the free Podcast app here. Android users can install this free Podcast app.

  1. Install the Podcast app
  2. Open this email with your device - if you haven't already.
  3. Clicking this link on your device should open the Podcast app and ask if you want to subscribe to this Podcast - which of course you do.
  4. Once you've approved it you'll see all of the free podcasts + future episodes will be available !!!

I suggest leaving the old Podcast listing in place for if/when Apple corrects the issue.

Let me know your questions.



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