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John and I had the opportunity to take a Saturday cycle class at the Scottsdale Life Time Fitness this past weekend.  I always learn so much when I take another instructor's class and this was no exception.  It was a super high energy class with a very interesting playlist- consisting of YouTube videos...David Bowie (one of John's favorites), Pat Benatar, Poison, Brittney Spears, Usher, you name it.  What a great idea!  I also picked up some great cueing verbage along the way.

But what really hit me came after class was over.  We liked the class, and the instructor, so much that we wanted to talk with her when it was over and possibly interview her for ICI/PRO (we haven't been turned down yet!)  She was busy talking with people after class and had others waiting, so we (along with two members) just hung out and waited....and waited....and get the picture. The two members left and then finally we did to when we saw she wasn't going to disengaged herself from the original people she was talking to.

The "take away" from this is that we need to be very aware of who is waiting to talk with us after class and manage our time so that we can acknowledge each of them.  We never know what opportunities await!

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