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John it just disappeared. It showed up fine on my computer and I'll swear it was on my Droid before I left to teach. But as I was ready to launch into a long threshold effort, Spotify skipped past a track, completely messing up my class. 

Amy is the official Android user here in our home, me and the girls all have iPhones. Which is helpful when people rely on you to help them understand the little idiosyncrasies of a particular music software app like Spotify.

I'll admit that, although I had seen that chain icon before... I had no idea what it meant or represented. I do now 🙂

That chain icon indicates; the specific song you dragged into your playlist isn't available in that exact place, so Spotify has conveniently linked to to the actual location of the track in their database. Perfect if everything works as planned. Which, unfortunately wasn't the case with Ms. Amy today, at her noon class at CycleQuest Studio. I've never had an issue with this on my iphone, but you can never be too careful when it comes to your class music. I'd recommend checking for any any "linked" tracks and see if you can replace them.

Click the "chain" icon and Spotify will take you to the linked location. Select and drag that track into your playlist. Open the playlist and position the track next to the linked track, and then delete it.

So while we're on the topic, what do those other, funny little icons represent?

 What does the red lightning bolt or grey music symbol mean in spotify?

The square box with the music note symbol indicates a local track, probably from iTunes, that Spotify can't connect to its database. If you see this in your playlist be sure that you set "offline mode" while both your computer and portable devise are on the same WiFi network.

I'm still trying to understand the pinkish square with the lighting bolt. Supposedly they're tracks that Spotify had found once, but can no longer find. Funny - songs with that icon still sync to my iPhone and play both on my computer and iPhone. says

Red, broken rectangle Seeing this icon next to a local file means that the link (or path) to your local file is broken or not found. Perhaps iTunes moved the local file to a different folder. You can try to import the file again by browsing to the actual file and dragging it into Spotify”™s Local Files pane. The broken rectangle link also shows up if a song is protected by digital rights management (DRM), so it can”™t be played outside of iTunes. A notification bar appears if this is the case, and you”™re prompted to remove all DRM-protected tracks from the Local Files pane.

Which doesn't make sense to me - all three tracks from the image above play and sync without any trouble.

Do you have a better understanding?



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