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Quick question: what do you feel is missing with (or should be added to) Spotify or Deezer, that would make it the complete music delivery package we need as Instructors?

From where I'm sitting, having the option to include non-Spotify/Deezer tracks in playlists I share - and then have those tracks play for whoever I shared with.

I'm not sure yet, just getting a feel for it - but maybe a service we can use in the future. connects to many of the popular music sites and their iPhone App allows you to assemble a playlist from multiple sources like; Spotify, Deezer, SoundCloud, YouTube, etc.. and then you can share the playlist with anyone. As long as you have a premium subscription, the playlist will stream & play the songlist accuratly.

The trouble with local files > you can't share them

When I create a playlist with the purpose of sharing it, I'm either super careful not to include any of my local files - or - I make sure to include a download link for any tracks that aren't in Spotify/Deezer. But this is still really limiting because there are lots of awesome remixes and mashups that can really complete a playlist.

The trouble with SoundCloud > no option to download many of their tracks 

You might search SoundCloud for a specific root track and find dozens of great quality remixes. Which is great except most don't offer any download option = you can only stream them. So you could build and stream a SoundCloud playlist as your class music, but there's no option to include any tracks from anywhere else.

So maybe a solution?

Yes will aggragate tracks from multiple sources. Which solves the initial problem of sharing a playlist with you. Unfortunately there isn't an "offline" option to download all of the tracks to your device - placing your and your class at the mercy of your Internet service. If you've got a great wireless signal you might give a try. I don't, so I say might be an option for us in the future if/when they include an offline mode in the future. Spotify's early iPhone App didn't at first, it was added later.

Here's a sample playlist of a few songs sourced from multiple sites so you can see an example here ICI/PRO Playlist | Listen for free at

Note how the playlist identifies the source of each track - this Bassnectar track is from SoundCloud.


While this version of Stranglehold comes from YouTube - pretty cool, eh?


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