By John Macgowan

The FreeMotion S11.9 - Keiser M3 and Schwinn AC Performance Indoor Cycles all require calibration at some point. Ensuring that all of the bikes in your studio are calibrated to factory specs will keep them reading consistently from bike to bike and your participants happy 🙂

Regardless of what you may have been told, my suggestion for a Best Practice is to spend the time to go through all of your cycles monthly. None of these procedures take more than a minute of so to complete after you've done a few.

I felt it would be helpful to have links to all the Indoor Cycle calibration procedures in one place, so here they are:

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FreeMotion indoor cycle calibration

FreeMotion S11 series console calibration: including the S11.9 and S11.0 (home version)

Calibration may not be the correct word to use here as FreeMotion prefers to describe their procedure as Zero Reset - bringing the power meter back to the factory settings after replacing the batteries, making a repair or when something just doesn't seem right.

Download the Zero Reset procedures here.

Here is a video that shows you the Zero Reset procedure. 

Download the FreeMotion Console User's Guide

Purchase a FreeMotion S11.0 with power meter at

Keiser M3 calibration:

Keiser M3 Calibration

Keiser's console requires calibration between the gear selection lever and the magnet assembly to accurately display in what gear you are riding.

Terry at has an easy to follow explanation here.

Watch a video of the new calibration procedure. 

Download the M3 manual here.  and M3 calibration here.

Dennis Keiser discusses the reasons for M3 calibration in this interview.

Order a new Keiser M3 with Power meter from

Schwinn AC Performance calibration:

Schwinn uses what they call "Tilt Calibration" to teach the cycle where the magnet is positioned = it will give you a proper readout of power and distance.Schwinn-AC-Performance calibration

Watch a video on performing a tilt calibration of the MPower Console

Download the MPower Console Manual - Old Version 1

Download the new MPower Console Version 2 paring procedure.

Read reviews of the Schwinn AC Performance.

I'll be updating this post as new information becomes available.

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