Found this great graphic at

Found this great graphic at

We published the first 7 challenges yesterday and thought it would be fun to share my thoughts about each as daily posts.

By the way, you can still join the ICI/PRO 28 day Challenge - click here to request admission to our Facebook Group.

Challenge #1

We all have areas where we know we could improve. Today's challenge is to publicly commit to one tangible improvement at least for the next 27 days of the challenge (e.g.: start your class on time, spend more time helping new students, not be in a hurry to leave, build in more warm-up into your profile, etc..)

I'll often begin my class with this statement:

I walked in here believing all of you are capable of successfully completing everything I throw at you... it will be up to each of you, to prove me wrong.

This challenge is based on the same perception in your capabilities as an Instructor - actually all of the the challenges start from our belief that you can successfully complete all of the challenges. That's not to say that they're easy. Many will be truly challenging, but Lena and I feel you're up to all 28 of them.

We all have areas where we know we could improve. You don't need anyone to tell you; you need to get to class on time, or be better prepared. You already know your own flaws and weaknesses. But for some reason we don't choose to correct them; we're perpetually late, wing the class because we forgot to prepare, etc...

It becomes our little secret; I know. I know. I'm late to my class again.

Maybe no one will notice - they will and they do 🙁

I'll try to do better next week - but you don't...

Keeping your secret is easy, you just don't tell anyone. But something very important happens when you disclose your behavioral flaw to others - you might feel the need to correct it, because there's a chance the person you told may ask you again.

That's the purpose of the public statement. When said aloud; "I will not be late to class this month" you are giving the person/people you say it to permission to hold you accountable. Most of your class doesn't have trouble getting there on time - and they, in turn, believe you are just as capable as they are... now it's up to you to prove them wrong. 


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