We are very excited to announce a new partnership with online Indoor Cycle parts distributor SPORTSMITH that will save you an additional 10% on replacement parts for your Keiser, LeMond, Livestrong, Schwinn, Star Trac and Tomahawk Indoor Cycles.

You can use Coupon Code INCP12 HERE

A year ago when I was looking for a company to distribute my Red Pedal Tool, I did a bunch of research into who was the best company in this space. As you would guess, there are a number of business selling replacement parts. After doing some virtual shopping to find who was offering the best pricing on common replacement parts and talking to some purchasing agents for large club chains, I decided to go with SPORTSMITH.

Everything was going great until I got an email from Troy Mosley, their Marketing Manager;

Hey John,

I've got an idea! What would you think about your own Indoor Cycling bike parts store?

I told Troy that it sounded pretty cool, but that our first priority is that any relationship needs to first bring additional value to our community of Indoor Cycling Instructors and Studio Owners.

Can we offer an additional discount? Was my response. After considerable arm-twisting Troy's answer was yes... 10%

Now I know that for some of you 10% may not sound like much, but in a very competitive online market it's huge.

Let's say your studio has 30 old Spinner NXTs that you need to nurse along for another year, until you are ready to upgrade to something with Power. They all need new brake pads and the drive lines are completely worn out = requiring new drive chains and sprockets. The normal SPORTSMITH replacement parts cost (Crank Arm Set, Flywheel Sprocket and Chain) for each cycle is $104.47. Multiply that times 30 cycles = $3134.10 ... we just saved your studio $313.00 - which would go a long way toward covering the cost of the labor needed to install everything 🙂

The coupon code for your 10% discount on Indoor Cycling Parts is - INCP12 



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