Break Glass for spin class music CD

I learned something really important about Spotify this past Saturday morning. If your iPhone battery goes dead you will need to log in again before it works. Not a big problem... unless it's 3 minutes until your class is supposed to start and you can't remember your user name and password ūüôĀ

Enter the rescue CD you have stashed at each club where you teach - or switch over to iTunes.

You do have a rescue CD backup music plan... don't you [wlm_firstname]?

But I digress...

The real purpose for this post was to show you that I have links to all the Spotify tutorials now on one page so they are easier to find -  or you will find it under Resources > Help With Spotify in the navigation above.

It was actually funny watching the Instructor who followed me, cursing his iPhone... "I just charged this %@#$ thing"

"Would you like to use my CD?"

"Thanks" ... "would you mind leaving your video too?"





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