Beginner Indoor Cycling classes

It seems like a logical thing for a studio to offer; a variety of Indoor Cycling class formats, targeted at a wide demographic of people:

  1. Early AM classes that are full of purpose, for all those "A" types who get up before dawn.
  2. Fun/party/social class formats for the mid-morning crowd.
  3. Shortened (express) class for the lunch hour.
  4. High-energy classes in the evening (maybe with a DJ) to attract the youngsters.
  5. Combo/hybrid classes that feature cycling (cardio) and a strength/flexibility component.
  6. Endurance Sports Training.
  7. A beginner's class to recruit new participants who might be a little apprehensive to join your HIIT classes.

It's common to see many of these class formats offered - except the last one, a regularly scheduled beginner's class.

Exist Cycle in Sherwood Park Alberta CA offers them all - and it sounds like they're having great success!

Hi John,

We are finding that many people are intimidated by indoor cycling so the beginner class is a great way to introduce people to the cycling community.  If people are new to cycling we always suggest our beginner class first but doesn't take long before they are riding in all our classes.  Many clients love our 30 minute cycle and 30 minute HIIT class.  It truly is a full body workout and 30 minutes of cardio.
We have had many success stories with a lot of returning riders and we are always excited to see new people in the studio each week.   We are in to our 4th week of a 8 week wellness challenge with 20 clients.  One of our instructors is a holistic nutritionist so the challenge includes 2 cycle classes/week, a boot camp class and then weekly meal plans.  So far all our challengers are down in weight and inches and many have told us they are starting to feel stronger and healthier in just 3 short weeks.
Love reading your articles and visiting your website for a variety of great information!
Shelly Hemmerling
Exist Cycle

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