Here's an fun and educational drill to try with your riders and three killer songs to kick it up a notch!  It's important that your riders get a feel for what different rpm's feel like and that they have some time to play with the resistance at each rpm, especially if you are using bikes with no readout.  Here's a drill that I use often in my classes:  We ride three consecutive songs and each song has a different bpm/rpm.  This time, it was 80, 90 and 100.  You could also begin with 100 and go down-whatever works for you and your current profile. Each of these are in the saddle efforts, but feel free to give your riders time in between each song to stand and stretch their  legs out if they feel like they need it. Here are three songs to get you started with this drill, but any songs that fit the rpm range would do, so change it up when you can!

Raise Hell by Dorothy iTunes Link (80 RPM))

Too Loud by Icon For Hire iTunes link (90 RPM)

Worth It by Fifth Harmony, Kid Ink iTunes link (100 RPM)

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