In a typical fitness conference "sponsorship", Company A pays Event Promoter B a bunch of money to to be part of the event. That sounds good, but if you have been following us for any length of time you know that we don't always do what's "typical" here at ICI/PRO.

So when Chuck Cali from Zoning Fitness offered to become a sponsor of this year's conference I said; "only if your sponsorship will add value to the Instructors who attend!"

Chuck's response was "how about if we give the next 75 Instructors* who register a free $80.00 Blink Heart Rate Monitor?"

I love my Blink and see it as an excellent choice for the Club Athletes we teach each week. It's the perfect companion to the 2 Threshold / 3 Zone Heart Rate system we have been talking about.

So I said; "Chuck, we've got a deal!"

Click here to register today and be one of the 75 who will be sporting a new Blink in October.

You can find more info about the conference here.

* Of course all of you who have already registered will receive a blink as well 🙂


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