The Way Big Finish

When building a playlist, I spend the most time selecting my BIG FINISH track. At times I'll use a song that's obviously the close of the class - typically one that hammers right from the start. Other times, I like to be a bit sneaky. [wlm_private 'PRO-Platinum|PRO-Monthly|PRO-Gratis|PRO-Seasonal|Platinum-trial|Monthly-trial|PRO-Military|30-Days-of-PRO|90 Day PRO|Stages-Instructor|Schwinn-Instructor|Instructor-Bonus|28 Day Challenge']Today's free track No Way - The Naked and Famous is a great example of a song that will lull everyone into a sense of calm and then BAM!!! The music suddenly changes and there's no possibility of missing how you should respond.

Tune-mapped, No Way has two very intense segments. The first hitting at apx 1:00 for 40 seconds. The second comes at the 2:45 and runs for 1:45. I'll cue the Hit#1 as a kind of practice. Here we'll get our resistance set so a 90RPMish cadence has us above the Best Effort wattage (or HR) we established earlier in the class.

STAND & WALK is my cue to recover, without making any changes to load, during the quiet that follows. Then it's a simple standing acceleration @ Hit #2 and you can decide to keep everyone up - or - return to the saddle. Either way we maintain our cadence/wattage/HR until the end 🙂

Let me know if you use this. [/wlm_private]


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