I love hearing comments like; "I'm giving it everything I've got!" when I'm off the bike, working the room. I asked for their Best Effort and they are delivering. The only thing left is handing out their ribbons 🙂

So what makes for a great Best Effort track? My personal belief is that it needs sound very powerful when played LOUD and has a building intro to give riders a chance to get set. That's pretty much it. Cadence RPM is open and of course you'd want it at the length you intend.

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Samples — Malbec is perfect for that last three minute/Big Finish/Best Effort. Nice 20 second intro before a big hit @ 93RPM to send you on your way. Then there's a quiet section, a minute into the effort, where you can question everyone with:

Is this really your best effort? If not add it now and hit the Stage button again to re-commit.

Here's an interesting mashup your class might enjoy.

Please let me know if your class liked it!



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