I taught my final class for LifeTime Fitness yesterday and thought I would use my very last track as this week's free music Friday.[wlm_private 'PRO-Platinum|PRO-Monthly|PRO-Gratis|PRO-Seasonal|Platinum-trial|Monthly-trial|PRO-Military|30-Days-of-PRO|90 Day PRO|Stages-Instructor|Schwinn-Instructor|PRO-Visitor|PRO-Studio']

Line of Fire from Junip is one of those sneaky songs that starts quiet and unassuming. Then it begins to build @ 92 RPM, in volume and intensity. Listen for the obvious places to cue additional load that come about 20 seconds apart. We built up to our Best Effort power over the first 2:30. Then there's a nice quiet spot to regroup before ramping up again to the BIG FINISH - you decide how long you want to keep everyone above threshold. The total length (before the outro) is 5:22. Plenty of time to really do something cool!

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Here's the full Playlist I used 🙂

Enjoy! [/wlm_private]


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