I love to cue 100 RPM's! One hundred is such a fun number > it rolls off your tongue with ease + there's a certain power the word. You can repeat it > ONE HUNDRED, over and over during an interval, without it ever sounding repetitive or getting stale. Everyone in your class understands exactly what you're asking for.

Of course it helps to have a console that displays RPM (and still there's always those who just don't get it) and a powerful track at exactly 100 RPM sure helps to reinforce your desired cadence.

Todays free track is from our favorite DJ/Instructor Peter G. It's his remix of one of the Aerosmith track Sweet Emotion. @ 4:28 in length, this makes for an awesome 4 min Best Effort song. Start with the crash at the 0:10 mark and you're off!

Enjoy 🙂


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