New Indoor Cycling Group IC7 Indoor Cycle

IHRSA is the big fitness equipment show held each year in the USA. Last year the show was in Las Vegas and I spent a bunch of time riding and comparing a number of new-for-2013 Indoor Cycles with power, including the Spinner® Blade Ion and Freemotion's belt driven Carbon Drive S11.9.

There's more cool stuff coming out this year. I'm excited to see the new power bike from ICG pictured above:

The IC7 Indoor Cycle and its Coach By Color® Power Program brings optimal performance and opportunity to group exercise, team coaching, personal training and even individual use. World-class technology and member-centric coaching will make your program more colorful, more powerful and definitely more original. That means better experiences and better results for your customers to keep them coming back.

Displaying colors connected to zones (Heart Rate or Power) isn't new - but having the console glow where everyone in class and you (the Instructor) can see what zone they're in is very interesting. Zone based colors brings accountability, without the judgement of actual wattage amounts that some riders and Instructors dislike in other group display systems. My hope is that there is a very quick and easy setup process to input the rider's personal zones or thresholds that are tied to the different color zones. If you're concerned that all those lights = frequent battery replacements, you needn't be. The IC7 includes it's own charging system. Oh, and they're promising power accuracy of +- 1% and similar consistency between bikes. I'll know much more by next Thursday.

You can download the IC7 brochure here.

A little bird told me that Keiser will be showing their new M3 power meter console that now features Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) While everyone else is using ANT+ to broadcast rider data, Keiser's engineers have leapfrogged to the new BLE which consumes less battery power and it will connect with your portable device without a ANT+ dongle.

This year the Senior Group Fitness Instructor Amy is joining me and together we're excited to see all of our IC friends that we typically only get to talk to on the phone or Skype 🙂

Please let us know if you're going to be there and feel free to text me to meetup 612-868-0064



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