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I know that we have thousands of visitors from around the world who access the site using an iPhone or iPad. So if you don't own either device this will be of no interest.

On the other hand, if you do own an Apple device and use it to help navigate through life, this may be like an early Christmas present - it was for me!

Google Maps are back!

When I updated to OS6 last summer the little Google Maps icon was gone - replaced by Apple's new mapping application. No big deal, I thought... it's an Apple product, so I'm sure it's as good, if not better than what it replaced.

Boy was I wrong 🙁

If you search around you can find that the whole world thinks Apple's map sucks. I couldn't find anything with it. Type in simple search terms like "Chinese food" or "auto parts" would typically return "no results found". Really?

I often needed to humble myself and ask if I could use Amy's Droid to look up an address, then hear about it for the rest of the day.

Just in time for Christmas I saw that Apple has finally approved the new Google Maps App! So I downloaded it, turned it on... and it didn't work.

Apple wasn't going to let me make the move easily. When I first clicked the little "where am I?" arrow at the bottom I got this error message saying I needed to turn on my Location Services.

But they are on you stupid phone - I use them all of the time.

I wouldn't have even considered creating this post until I spend 10 minutes trying to find how to turn on something that appeared to be on everywhere else. So I thought you might appreciate not having to fight through this yourself.Turn on location services for google maps

Each application has it's own toggle. Google Maps has one as well that you can find under:

Settings > Privacy > Location Services 🙂

(The old OS version had an easy to find toggle on the main setting screen)

It is of course free and after a short time playing with it, I really like it.





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