I've been a loyal Carbonite customer since 2008 and see having a system for regular, daily backups of your computer as a Best Practice. They've saved me from multiple Hard Drive failures where I would have lost everything. All my music, all my files and thousands of pictures remain safe and recovering every single file, after you drop your laptop on the kitchen floor, takes just a few clicks 🙂

And I mean every thing. Carbonite runs every evening, backing up every new or changed file, so when you're a little blurry at 5:00am and you hear a very loud crash, followed by a strange grinding noise, you don't have to freak out. You've got a secure backup that you can access from another computer until your's is fixed.

I just got an email from them with what has to be the best deal they've ever offered. Carbonite is running a refer a friend program. Sign up today ($59.00 a year) and you and your friend (that's me) receive a $20.00 gift card from Amazon.com

Once you are a customer you can become the "friend" and get a $20.00 gift card for everyone you refer. Play it right and you could actually make money on the deal!

Options for Mac and PC - Signup here.


Originally posted 2012-11-11 14:43:42.


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