Conformation of a job well done!

Confirmation of a job well done!

Moms are awesome - I realise that although raising kids can be a thankless job at times... there are moments that make it all worthwhile 🙂

This is college graduation weekend for older daughter Abby. Amy and I are very proud of how she has grown into a self sufficient, hard working young women.

It's not a surprise to me. Abby had a fantastic role model growing up.

While watching this very confident graduate receiving her diploma, I couldn't help but think; I'll bet Amy's parents watched a near replica of this and felt exactly the same way as I do now.  There's no mistaking Abby and Amy as anything other than mother / daughter.

Abby and her housemates hosted a big after-party at their favorite tavern. The place was packed and I must of heard 50 times - YOU MUST BE AMY, ABBY'S MOM!

Amy and I will be heading out on the "Bus" (our Trek Tandem) later today after it warms up. My plan for the ride has me doing more than my share of the work - but I'm not sure Amy will be soft pedaling for very long. When there's work to be done, Amy has the tendency to step up and hammer whenever and wherever she's needed. And I appreciate that.


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