My Stereo jack won't fit when I have a case on my iPhone

Do you have this problem? Click image to see this adapter at Amazon

I never expected this problem

Amy and I both updated our iPhones last week. She got a new iPhone 6 and I went with a 5s. Both are lighter and thinner than the iPhone 4s' we replaced. Thin is great, until you add a case to them. Now the club's connection cord to the stereo is too thick to fit into the iPhone cases' female jack = neither of us can use our phones to teach without; A. removing the case or B. use a bluetooth receiver to connect wirelessly.

So to fix this I ordered two very inexpensive 3.5mm adapters today from Amazon - $4.99 each with free Prime* shipping. One for each of us. I'm tempted to tape it securely to the existing cord at the one LifeTime where I teach, but inevitably it will disappear and then I'll be stuck with nothing.

*I'm two years with Amazon Prime and without a doubt it's been worth every penny. I cannot begin to tell you how much stress and anxiety this service has saved me. Whenever I think; I need to remember to get some more AA batteries (or whatever) the next time I'm at Target I break into a cold sweat. There never is a "next time" because I never just go "shopping." So either I'll forget to plan a special trip to Target - or worse - on the off chance I'm ever at Target, I will forget to buy batteries.

Now when I notice I need more readers, batteries, headphone jacks or more Chef Jays bars - I jump on Amazon, hit a few keys and in two days they'll be at my door. No wondering how much shipping will be on a $10 item - it's free 🙂

Now if I could just think of something to get Amy for Christmas...    


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