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Christian Noni was recruiting Spinning Instructors at WSSC.

His homemade "I'm Hiring" badge got my attention as Christian Noni walked by me at WSSC. As the Executive Fitness Director for Revelry Indoor Cycling and Fitness,┬áChristian has a problem that I heard expressed multiple times this weekend; where do I find quality Instructors in my area? It's not like they're sitting around, waiting for me to launch my new studio ­čÖü

The options are limited

Let me know if I'm missing any here - I'm thinking there are only two realistic options:

  • Recruit existing Instructors from other health clubs.
  • Develop/grow your own... and then take really good care of them so they stay.

The recent brouhaha over Soulcycle banning Instructors from their classes, suggests that many fitness businesses are getting protective of their prized positions - popular Instructors. Rightly so. Despite all the interest and effort being invested in rider metrics, video display systems, fancy studio designs, ect... the life blood of a successful studio is you - the Instructor.

Recruiting may work, depending on where you're located. Most big-boxes that I'm aware of don't require exclusivity agreements (just don't get caught mentioning you also have a class down the road) so a few Instructors may be willing to join your team. Word of a new studio in town tends to travel fast. As soon as you've signed your lease you should have signage up in the windows advertising your needs. Barbara Hoots told me all this was very inexpensive to design and have printed at a local sign shop.

Revelry indoor cycling is hiring

Attractive signage is a must while you're building out your space!


Many of these new studio start-ups are filling an unserved fitness need in a community, so unfortunately not every city has other clubs to draw from. Which leaves... develop/grow your own as the better long term solution.

Barbara Hoots gave a wonderful presentation here at WSSC, where she demonstrated how successful businesses are continuously; NEW, IMPROVED & IMPROVING. She used the example of OREO cookies, which to my surprise, were first introduced in 1912. A 104 year old brand and they are still offering new and/or improved versions of Americas best selling cookie. My take away from Barbara's session was that studio owners need to be continuously developing NEW Instructors and of course IMPROVING those you have in place.

While I was chatting with Christian, he explained how finding prospective Instructors was just step one. He's planning a comprehensive training program for every new hire that he's developed with the help of his friend and mentor Lawrence Biscontini.

In case you missed my pair of very entertaining interviews with Lawrence, you can find part one here. Part two's here.

Christian told me he's open to sharing his Instructor training plans and we're scheduling an interview in the next few weeks.

Now I'm off to find my PST - (Personal Spinning Threshold) with MI Janet Toussaint!








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