Do you have one of these Watt Bikes? I would love to know more about them.

One of my objectives is to model proper form to my students.

[wlm_firstname] I'm guessing you will agree that proper form is a component of How You Look and it begins with having the proper setup for your bike. Unfortunately, as an instructor, we face a unique obstacle; "who helps us get set up properly?"

Every one of us has been trained in proper Indoor Cycle Setup and yet I've never experienced a certification or workshop that explains how to set yourself up.

Because you can't.

Sure, you can try. If you are anything like me you have your setup memorized and, like the seen on TV guy Ron Popeil, you set it and forget it!  To compound this problem, many of us teach on different types of Indoor Cycles at different clubs. I'm currently teaching at four clubs and have to remember my set up on two versions of NXTs (yes the different generations are... different), Schwinn AC, FreeMotion and starting Monday on Keiser M3s.

Ask for help. But John, who exactly do you expect I ask?

For starters, another Instructor that you respect. Show up for their class and simply ask; hey Barb, it's been a while since someone has looked at my setup, can I get you to take a look?

You may be surprised by the response you get; sure, and then could you help me with mine?

Or you could very well have a competent student who would be honored to help you 🙂

Does your studio have the problem I show in this video? Most do and it causes a lot of inconsistency in the Fore-Aft location of the saddles when you use the reference number on the slider. Watch the video to see if this is something your manager should be aware of.


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