So this morning I'm poking around on the internet and checked on what Chris Hawthorne had going on over at her Chrispins Blog. Chris is part of our ICI/PRO team of contributors and has a unique talent for creating excellent Indoor Cycling Class music playlists. She's also an excellent communicator and you'll find her tutorials on using Spotify very helpful.

As I'm reading through her latest post: Anything Could Happen Cycling Mix and I see what looks like a screenshot of her latest playlist. "That's nice" I think... but then I realize it's not a screenshot at all, but an actual Spotify player where someone can listen to each track, the whole way through > even if they aren't a Spotify user. I stand corrected - you need to be a Spotify user for this to work. 


And then I smiled to myself and did a little nod.

That's exactly why I asked her to be part of our team 🙂

Here's the player that Chris had added to her post:

How cool is that?
I'll be adding these Spotify Players to each Audio PROfile this weekend.

P.S. I'm assuming that everyone can see the player above, regardless of where you are located. Please leave me a comment below with your location so we can confirm this.

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