Sara Kooperman on the Indoor Cycle Instructor Podcast

When we were investigating locations for the ICI/PRO Conference last spring I looked at what venues other Fitness Conventions were using. Long story short, I got to know Sara Kooperman who is the founder of the SCW Mania conventions. Beyond being a very successful business women, Sara is also a sought after speaker and fitness presenter.

Sara regularly presents her Guaranteeing Instructor Excellence in Your Facility workshop. I felt that a portion of this presentation would be of interest to you. D.R.I.L.L TO HELP US CUE AND BE CREATIVE

CREATIVITY by focusing on:

  1. Direction
  2. Rhythm
  3. Intensity
  4. Lever
  5. Length

CUING: We are translators, people learn in different ways

  1. Police will hear Direction
  2. Musicians will hear Rhythm
  3. Psychotherapists will hear Intensity
  4. Lawyers will hear Levers
  5. Accountants will hear Length

In the introduction of this episode Amy (the senior Group Fitness Instructor at ICI/PRO) describes her trip to the Global Ride Studios to film a number of Indoor Cycling classes for Cycling Fusion.

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