ICI/PRO Team Indoor Cycling Coach Kenji Freedman

Do you have a practiced introduction that you deliver at the beginning of every class? When Amy and I first met Kenji Freedman he impressed us as an Instructor the minute he started his class.

USA Elite Cycling Coach Kenji has all the qualifications necessary to help you improve your craft as a Spinning Indoor Cycling Instructor - Kenji prefers Coach - because that's really want we are 🙂

This is a shortened version of the complete interview I did with Kenji. ICI/PRO members can access Podcast #144 which includes the complete interview where we discuss how he see all of our roles as a Coach, Indoors and Out.

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Information about our lost Podcast episodes is here ICI Podcast — The Lost Episodes

Originally posted 2011-03-12 16:59:17.


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