If you watched any of this year's Tour de France, you almost couldn't miss seeing Clean Bottle's mascot  Bottle Boy running along with the Peloton. As I watched and listened as Phil Ligget and the other Tour commentators talking about Dave Mayer and Clean Bottle,  all I could think was "who ever is behind (or inside) that Bottle Boy is a marketing genius!"

Fast forward to early September, less than 30 days till the ICI/PRO conference and it dawns on me that I had completely forgotten to source water bottles for our participants. Last year's provider was tapped out and I started looking at just purchasing bottles when I though I should check with Clean Bottle.

This rest is history - I contacted Dave and he quickly had boxes of Clean Bottles on their way to Boston.

The more I learned about Dave and his story the more I felt he would make an interesting guest for the Podcast 🙂 Listen as Dave describes the three year process he went through to take his initial idea all the way to the to Tour de France!

You can order Clean Bottles here

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Originally posted 2011-10-13 05:12:56.


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