Spinning Instructor Mark Peterson

I thought it would be informative to get another perspective about how to teach a virtual Indoor Cycling class using video. I contacted Allen Jones from EpicPlanet.tv asking if he knew of an Instructor who was passionate about using video and he referred me to Mark Peterson.
Mark is a retired Naval Pilot turned bicycle racer & Instructor who teaches at four clubs outside of Charlotte NC. Mark and I had a fun conversation about his procedure for preparing to teach a virtual ride in this addition of the Podcast.

Here's Mark's bio and additional info that didn't get into the interview:

Studios where mark teaches:

Lake Norman YMCA Cornelius, NC (www.ymcacharlotte.org)
The Peninsula Club, Cornelius, NC (thepeninsulaclub.com)
CoolBreeze Cyclery, Mooresville, NC (trekbikescharlotte.com)
Trek Bike Store Charlotte, NC (trekbikescharlotte.com)

Background: Have raced for more than 30 years USCF, Road Race, Crits, Time Trials, and Triathlon events. I got involved with indoor cycling in the early 80”™s as a means to continue training during the winter months in the upper Mid West. I became a cycle instructor about 3 years ago and now teach classes in several different studios on the Keiser, Schwinn AC PRO and CompuTrainer.

Certification: Current certification was with Schwinn.

AV Setup: I have assembled an AV kit that is portable between studios. I use an Epson projector, Mac Laptop, and a Photo Screen/Sheet (12X12). The Digital Downloads work very well on the laptop and I can change the playlist on the fly.

Use: I try to do 3 or 4 videos a month. There is an art to producing Cycling Videos and for my classes Allen and his Epic crew do the best job in producing these videos. I advertise my classes as a trip, we are going somewhere and to bring your legs. If I am going to take my class to Maine and ride Acadia Park or Napa Valley to roll through Wine Country, I want them to actually feel like they are there on the ride. Epic has a nice balance of first position, third position and an expanded views which are so important for the class to actually know/see where they are riding. There are many videos out there shot from a car/first position only and it is hard to tell if you are climbing or descending. There is no profile or structure to the ride and they become boring. There are other videos where you spend the whole time with your nose in the backside of a cyclist or group of cyclists. The only thing exciting about these videos is the title. You could actually be riding anywhere and wouldn”™t know the difference. The Epic Team creates a profile on top of the video, providing structure to the ride along with a very scenic background. The camera work is very good in giving you the feeling of being on a bike and you can tell when you are climbing and descending. The great part as instructor is I can do these rides over and over, change the playlist, cadence, intensity and make it a completely different ride. My classes love these rides and it is hard to get a bike!

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