Spinning Instructor and ICI/PRO Member Kay Ruane

Spinning Instructor and ICI/PRO Member Kay Ruane

Would you be intimidated if you had to fill in for Master Instructor Tom Scotto? I know I would. Meet Spinning Instructor and ICI/PRO member Kay Ruane. Kay fills in for Tom on a regular basis at the Wellbridge club where they both teach.

Those of us with a bunch of experience, who were given the chance to teach for Tom, may have some butterflies at the beginning... but our Instructor skills would probably kick in and we would deliver a great class.

But what if you didn't have years of experience to fall back on? Kay has been certified for less than a year and still has the confidence in herself she needs to deliver the class Tom's regulars expect.

Once you listen to Kay's story, you'll understand where that confidence comes from.

Originally posted 2011-12-28 09:34:48.


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