The Manx Cycling Club on The Isle of Mann has created some incredible cyclists who have contributed to the recent success of British Cycling. The "Fasted Man on Two Wheels" World Champion / Tour multi stage winner Mark Cavendish (they call him "Sir Mark Cavendish" now) and Olympic Cycling Gold Medalist Peter Kennaugh Jr. are both Manxmen.

So how, with only 80,000 people living on this tiny island, do they turn out cyclists of this caliber?

I thought you'd be interested to know ūüôā

So I contacted Peter Kennaugh Sr. - Head Coach and Director of (he's also Peter Jr's father) to learn a few of their secrets - many of which you can learn through the series of Turbo Trainer / Indoor Cycling DVDs and training plans they offer and potentially apply them to your classes.

Peter's approach as a virtual cycling coach, is to focus on cadence during indoor training sessions, rather than HR or wattage. He has some compelling arguments that he shares during our discussion.

Why could this be of value to you as an Indoor Cycling Instructor? 

Speciality Performance Based Indoor Cycling Classes will be next evolution of Indoor Cycling 2.0. Serious endurance athletes are recognizing that many of our classes have moved beyond Aerobics on Bikes and we are now offering results driven training thru specific metrics like HR and Watts. These people are looking for coaches to help them train effectively and in time, clubs/studios will be looking for Instructors who can also coach. 

Motivated Instructors will have an opportunity here. ICI/PRO is committed to providing you with the resources you'll need to make the transition.

Another Contest!

At the end of the interview Peter offered to send a lucky listener a pack of their DVDs and training plans. You can enter by leaving a comment below and we will draw a name after the 10th of this month.


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