Stages Indoor Cycling Master Trainer Dunte Hector

Sometimes it's just being in the right place, at the right time to move into a position as Master Trainer for a major Indoor Cycling education company.

OK, maybe you need more than that. Like having a strong passion for fitness, a bicycle racing background and (in this case anyway) an engineering mindset that helps you to understand and then communicate the true value of adding metrics to an Indoor Cycling class.

Meet Stages Indoor Cycling Master Educator Dunte Hector from Austin Texas!

Dunte joins me to discuss how he got his start with Stages Indoor Cycling and offers his ideas on effectively communicating power training to our students.

Later this week (shooting for Friday) I'll be publishing Dunte's Race of Truth Audio PROfile. We had some audio quality issues with Skype that made take #1 unusable and plan to re-record his profile Wednesday this week.

Questions for Dunte? You can email him or visit his website

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