help starting a new soulcycle indoor cycling studio

It was the Podcast that launched dozens of new cycling studio startups. Our February 2010 interview with Indoor Cycling Studio consultant Bill Pryor (Podcast #88) presented the idea that a passionate Instructor could open a successful studio. We're aware of dozens who did and Bill has assisted over 200 entrepreneurs around the world plan and operate their new fitness business.

Here's information about purchasing an Indoor Cycling Studio Franchise.

That was three years ago and there's been a lot of changes in our industry as it affects independent studios; all the new indoor cycles with power/watts, MyRide+ big screen virtual ride offerings from ICG and others, rider metrics displayed and captured by Performance IQ & MyZone and the ascension of SoulCycle, Flywheel and the new Peloton studios that have interjected an enormous amount of buzz in our market.

Online payment systems from MindBody Online and others have dramatically reduced both the time and effort required to manage a profitable studio.

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