MixedInKey Harmonic Mixing Software for Fitness Instructors

ICI/PRO Member Dennis Mellon introduced us to the concept of Harmonic Mixing our playlists. A technique used by many of the top DJ's, Harmonic Mixing involves sequencing your music tracks in the same or a complimentary musical key, to avoid clashing Keys and harsh transitions. The net effect is to create a pleasing feel to the flow of your music, increase / decrease energy or craft in some emotional response.

Here's an example of 32 songs mixed in 5 minutes. This is done using the Mixed In Key technique:

I'm fascinated by this. Wanting to learn more, I did what I always do; I contacted the folks who created the software Dennis uses - Mixed In Key. Their representative, Professional DJ Andy Schneider joins me to discuss the Why's and How's of Harmonic Mixing and how you can use it to improve your classes.

During the interview, Andy pays a nice compliment to Momentum Cycling Studio Owner Victoria Smith for her class music selections!

Learn more about Mixed In Key Software  and Harmonic Mixing.


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