Cyclebeat is a beautiful Indoor Cycle Studio located in what was an old English pub in the commercial district of London. I couldn't decide which of these pictures to use, so here's the view as you walk in - fantastic... unless you're actually after a pint 🙂




Cyclebeat studio owner Greg Allon joins me to celebrate their first completed year in business! During the interview we discuss their "mixed membership model" (combination of monthly and per-ride payments) and the problems that occur when monthly members book a bike, but then don't show for the scheduled class - which prevents them from selling the reserved seat to someone else.

There's typically a "surprise" in every interview - something that catches me and gets my fully attention. When Greg describes the age demographic he sees in his classes (21 to 30), it's easy to understand why Performance IQ has been so helpful to making his studio a success. So successful that they're planning a Cyclebeat #2 for the near future!

Greg is also having success promoting a corporate discount rate... not by soliciting local business directly, but by encouraging the employees of those businesses to bring the information back to where they work. Effectively creating a little army of sales people to promote his studio - very clever!

Listen to the interview below - or you'll find this episode in our free podcast in iTunes.


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