Gloria on the right, with some of Girls!

Gloria on the right, with some of her Girls!

Meet our latest Awesome Instructor!

Most interviews begin with an intro call where a potential guest and I discuss the process and I answer any questions they might have. Most of these calls are uneventful - but Gloria is not what you'd describe as leading an "uneventful" life. When I called her at the scheduled time she was breathless, having just rescued a stray dog from a busy highway. As she describe to me (in real time) how she was helping this poor, frighten dog into her car - I knew right away that I had found another Awesome Instructor!

Gloria was nominated by ICI/PRO member David Santiago. If that name sounds familiar it's because David was a past winner of our Ultimate Instructor Class Profile contest. You can hear his Racing With Pros Audio Profile here.

Please feel free to contact us to nominate an Awesome Instructor.

Here's David's nomination email:

Hi John,  
I want to nominate Gloria Stover Lewis as an Awesome Indoor Cycling Instructor at the Y and for her endless volunteer work, especially with the "Girls on the Run" program held locally in NC.

Gloria started out as a regular student coming to IDC.  All of the other teachers enjoyed having her in class.  She is enthusiastic with boundless energy and has an outgoing winning personality.  She is also a very strong cyclist and competed in several elite outdoor mountain bike races.

It did not take us teachers long to suggest she should become certified as an IDC instructor.  We are always looking for talent.  She eagerly agreed and become certified.  She was a natural at it and now has huge followings at two YMCA locations.  Her ability to combine challenging and fun profiles with fantastic music is among the best in the area.

Gloria is now certified to teach several classes:
- Indoor Cycling (of course)
- Jump pump and spin
- Boot Camp
- INSANITY (I took this class once and it is now off my bucket list.  Toughest workout I ever had.)

I am nominating her not only as an awesome indoor cycling teacher, but also for her volunteer and charity work with kids:
- Youth triathlon volunteer
- Ecvelo club at Cotton century ride and bike post trails race (volunteers with the youth part of mountain bike race)
- "Girls on the Run" program as both a dedicated Coach and Fundraiser requesting donations for kids who could not afford them (athletic cloths and shoes).

David Santiago

Girls on the Run is an incredible program supporting young girls from 3rd to 8th grades.  It provides a safe and interactive way to learn about healthy living which includes an introduction and education on important topics such as goal setting, cooperation, healthy decision making, and self respect, while training for a 5k event.  The innovative curriculum teaches girls to listen and open up while also encouraging them to commit to a healthy lifestyle and harness the inner strength that they possess.  Their important mission is accomplished by giving girls the tools to make positive choices for a healthy body and mind, while reducing the many risks they face today.

Attached is a fairly long and informative video explaining the Girls on the Run Program from the Chicago area. If you have any questions about starting a program in your area, please email them at

Listen to my interview with Gloria below.

Long time friend Suzelle Snowden from Fit Bodies, Inc sponsors our Awesome Instructor Award. Suzelle is providing a $500.00 certificate that Gloria and a guest can use toward an All-Inclusive Teaching Vacation at any one of 60 beautiful resorts in the Caribbean :) You can learn more about participating in these trips here.

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