This Podcast is originally from 2008, I have updated it with our new Podcast host information and I am representing it now. I hope you enjoy it. While the New Leaf systems are not easy to find anymore, KORR Medical Technologies ( does have Metabolic Testing equipment that is available. Perhaps we will have them on the show soon. - Joey

How effective are you at coaching to specific levels of exertion? Do you use the RPE Scale? Or some percentage of age predicted maximum heart rate? As an old bicycle racer it was common for me to reach my max heart rate at the end of a sprint. How many of your participants have really been to (and know) their true max?

Communicating my intended exertion level was a real struggle for me until I learned how to describe the specific feelings that relate to the five different Heart Rate Training Zones. Zones based on a understanding of Anaerobic Threshold. But we were still guessing.

This past January (2008) I had a Metabolic Assessment and it really opened my eyes. I was no longer guessing. Now I knew my exact Anaerobic Threshold and my heart rates for each heart rate zone. I had some questions about how to best communicate the value of having a Metabolic Assessment to my Spinning class, so I found another expert.

Jessica Christensen

Jessica Christiansen is the Education and Training Manager for New Leaf Fitness.

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