Paceline cycling in France Indoor DVD VideoTom Scotto from Cycling Fusion presents the second in his series of Audio PROfiles designed as the companion to Global Ride virtual cycling DVDs.

Paceline Cycling in France - DVD #2  

A five minute warm-up and cool-down provide bookends to the perfect ride at the base of the French Alps. Two steady 20-minute efforts separated by a 5-minute recovery will provide many training scenarios and objectives with this DVD.
Since the structure of this DVD is based around two 20-minute steady-state efforts, one could easily approach this as a tempo ride (Zone 3) with intermediate recovery or a 2x20 threshold field test pushing the limits of Zone 4.

Paceline Cycling Audio PROfile Download

Tom didn't provide a playlist as the music on these DVD's are actually quite good. The download lists the artists.

I'm planning to teach this class Monday. Here's my playlist in Spotify built from the artist list. And the same playlist in Deezer.

Listen below or find it in your Super Secret iTunes Podcast feed.

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