Meet Vanessa Wilkins Team ICG® Master Trainer, Indoorcycling Group® in partnership with LIVESTRONG® Fitness by Matrix. Vanessa provides our latest Audio PROfile:

Winning Team - Don”™t Stop Believin”™


Living in San Francisco when Giants Baseball is CRUSHING IT has been fantastic. Our nutty city was really brought to together. There was camaraderie among the people living here. Our team spirit sat and clung over the bay like damp fog. As a winning city, our people seemed a little more kind and jovial to one another. The vibe is still undeniably contagious, and I am sure this is true in any city where you have a winning team. Men walk tall and proud with full, lush, uncut and untamed beards. And if you met any random stranger dressed in orange and black (which was too often to count), you could, without a second thought, walk up, stand nose to nose, and obnoxiously shout “Let”™s go, Giants!” and expect to be rewarded with a chorus of cat calls, cheers, fist pumps, and high fives from those around you.

I found teaching a cycling class during our playoff and World Series winning streak extremely challenging, and close to unbearable. (It is important to note that the cycling studio where teach sits directly across from the stadium. The challenge of getting to class alone was difficult.) Not only was I a bit distracted because I wanted to be watch the game instead of teach, but my regular packed class had dwindled to a select group of die-hard cyclists, who, although super-fans, HAD to get in a ride.  I really wanted to capitalize on this event in my hometown, and I think the “team pulling together” is a concept we can never tire of using.

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