Cycling Fusion Indoor Cycling Class Builder App for iPad-iPhone

RACE DAY was another winner of our Ultimate Instructor Class Profile contest from Instructor Mark Peterson!

For the love of the Road Race! The inspiration for this ride was the recent Pro Cycling Challenge in Colorado but the ride is generic in the sense that you could do this ride as a stage of any Cycling Race. The objective of the ride is to educate my students on the sport of Bike Racing, entertain and to provide some of those moments of lung splitting, leg busting intensity that is Road Racing!

Mark is a detail guy and what made his contest submission unique is that he created it using the ClassBuilder iPad/iPhone App from Cycling Fusion.

The graphic at the top displays during the entire class. A marker moves along on the screen, helping everyone understand where they are and more importantly, what's coming next.

This was Mark's second visit to the Podcast. You can listen to ICI Podcast #190 — Virtual Class Ride Prep to learn his tips and trick to effectively using video in your class.

Download RACE DAY profile .pdf

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Listen to Mark's presentation below.


Originally posted 2013-03-09 17:11:47.


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