Cycling Coach Robin Robertson

In our latest Audio Class PROfile, USA Cycling Coach Robin Robertson suggests we all get back to the basics of form fundamentals.

From time to time it is always good to get back to basics with form fundamentals.  Form is often overlooked and not practiced enough.  This workout takes you back to 5 fundamentals:  independent leg work, pedal stroke, smooth transitions in and out of the saddle, the elements of adding and releasing tension through rolling hills while maintaining intensity, and a long seated & standing climb that gets progressively steeper.

Focus on fundamentals will help each rider to get more power out of every pedal stroke and to become more efficient on the bike, whether indoors or outside.

This is an ideal class for everyone — teaching beginners good form and reminding veteran riders of how to get more out of every pedal stroke.  The overall intensity is moderate to heavy with the end climb.  The focus is on good form!


The cuing for this class includes both indoor stationary cycles and bikes on trainers.  This is the kind of class that is perfect for those who enjoy cycling outside because the drills practiced are directly transferrable to outdoor riding.

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Originally posted 2014-02-06 09:41:43.


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