That would be your FTP looking back at you... catch him if you can.

That would be your FTP looking back at you... catch him if you can.

Now that I'm an official Stages Indoor Cycling Master Educator, I figured I needed to create an Audio Profile so you can hear how I teach one of my Power classes. My profile is “Racing Your FTP”.

The goal is very simple; beat your FTP or “Threshold Check” numbers on every set. The ride will consist of two warm up songs, a “Threshold Check”, and three efforts of around 12, 18 and 9 minutes with a 1 minute recoveries after each interval.

I love mixing my class music and I've provide you with the MP3 below. I have also included an actual recording of me coaching this complete class. I suggest riding to this class by yourself, to experience exactly how I present this profile and you'll have a better idea of where & what I'm cuing during the class.

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Enjoy and please let me know how it works for you as a comment below.

Download the profile to print out > Right Click > Save As or click the link and print without saving.

Download the 64 minute mixed playlist 

Download the full class presentation

Listen to my presentation of Racing Your FTP Audio Profile

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Dennis Mellon

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