Have I told you how proud I am of all the ICI/PRO members who have taken the leap and started their own Indoor Cycling Studios? Well I am, and it's so awesome to see when the local media recognizes them!

Kathy Ehrlich-Scheffer opened Cycledelic Indoor Cycling Studio this fall in Rochester, NY. Her studio features FreeMotion s11.9 indoor cycles with power. I see that Kathy is offering Winter Training from Cycling Fusion, which should be a big boost to the cyclists in her area.

She lost everything, then she got back on the bike

Kathy Ehrlich-Scheffer and her husband bought a modest ranch house in San Diego in 2006, expecting to settle there for a long time. But when they grew disenchanted with the area and decided to move back to the Rochester region, they couldn't sell their home and ultimately lost everything in the 2008 Southern California housing crisis.

"It was humiliating, it was humbling and it was definitely game-changing to go through something like that," she said.

But in three years, Ehrlich-Scheffer went from being down on her luck to the owner of the Cycledelic Indoor Cycling Studio in Brighton, which features state-of-the-art equipment with special effects, a club-style lounge area, towel service and showers.

"I figured I'd use my failure to fuel my fire instead of having a pity party," she said.  Read the rest here.



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