Find your cadence, heart rate and Power numbers
Here's Tom Scotto with part #1 of YOUR Numbers, his first Audio PROfile as a part of our ICI/PRO team!
Although the ultimate focus of this PROfile is on training with power, those of us without Keiser M3's or the new Schwinn AC cycles will still benefit from Tom's guidance.
Experience and “Start” to learn YOUR numbers. The ride provides an opportunity to explore the
affects of cadence, heart rate and power (watts) and learn how to use these “training tools” that
are becoming available on indoor bikes. It will also identify strengths and limitations and the
ability to measure progress.
The objective of this profile is to allow riders to get acquainted with some of the more important numbers on their indoor bike computers: Cadence, Heart Rate and Watts (Power). It is essential that we stress that riders should focus on “their” numbers and not the person next to them. They should avoid comparing themselves to others. There are numerous factors that will affect each of these numbers including strength, neuromuscular speed, aerobic fitness, form, fatigue, injuries, and body weight. Have them first learn what their numbers are and become aware of how a different focus or approach will affect these numbers. Then they can use them as a guideline for “their” improvement and development. Riders can experience a wide range of intensities depending on how hard they push during each effort. The drills that utilize leg speed have the greatest potential for increasing the heart rate exponentially. The better and more developed a rider”™s pedal mechanics, the least the cadence ranges will affect/raise heart rate.
NOTE: Even though cadence, heart rate and power all affect each other, these drills are designed to only have riders focus on 1 or 2 number at a time so they don”™t become overwhelmed. Once riders get accustomed to what the numbers mean, additional complexity can be added for a bigger picture. The format of each drill is also simple for the same reason. Observe more, think less.
This is part #1 - ICI/PRO members will find part 2 tomorrow in the Super Secret Feed as Podcast # 141 as well as the .pdf Audio PROfile download.

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