Master Instructor Tom Scotto delivers our latest Audio PROfile Climbing Strength Intervals.
This profile is called Climbing Strength Intervals. It is a simple profile that focuses on four 3- minute climbing intervals designed to test and develop muscular strength. Riders can track their heart rate and/or power during the class to gauge their individual climbing efforts. The beauty of this class is that it takes a simple look at one concept of heart rate and power training and reduces the risk of overwhelming people. This profile can be introduced without any previous training on heart rate or power. It is a simple way to explore and learn.

Here is the PROfile you can print.


Here's your Spotify PRO/Playlist! Deezer. We have made every attempt to replicate the original playlist. In some instances the tracks specified were unavailable in Spotify. When necessary we have substituted individual songs of similar length and tried to maintain the Instructor's intent.

Originally posted 2011-05-13 12:12:46.


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