Spinning Instructor Traci Kann

Traci Kann

Traci Kann was the winner of our Ultimate Instructor Class Profile contest!

She won a prize package that included accommodations at an all inclusive caribbean resort from FitBodiesInc where she will be the guest Spinning Instructor for the week!

She also received $500.00 from Team ICG to use toward her travel expenses and a one year enhanced subscription to Indoor Cycling Music 🙂

What follows is her presentation of Ladder Stepdowns - A Descending Interval Workout.

Profile Description

This ride was inspired by a running workout described in “Runner”™s World” magazine a few years ago. While the workout in the magazine was designed to be done on foot and not on an indoor bike, and while it was presented a bit differently than this rides in terms of timing and the total number of intervals, the basic concept remains the same. The premise is to experience a range of paces from common road race distances, from the marathon to the mile. As the simulated race distance decreases, the intensity of the interval increases. 

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