Indoor Cycling Master Instructor Pam Benchley

Stages Indoor Cycling Master Educator Pam Benchley provides our latest Audio PROfile!

Cuing the Console — Change is GOOD!! was designed towards the instructor that may be new to teaching with a console in front of them, and/or to the instructor who may be new to teaching indoor cycling in general.  The goal is to construct a simple, easy to CUE class, but not necessarily just an “easy” ride!

Sometimes when we attend a conference or weekend workshop we come home really jazzed with all the new information and want to spend it all on Monday morning”™s class!  Or we try to emulate and teach EXACTLY like the presenter we listened to in the training but perhaps still question- “how do I make it MINE??” This profile is designed to help you speak in your language and convey your message in a fun, easy way!

Download the Cuing the Console — Change is GOOD!! cue sheet.

Change is Good! PRO/Playlist in Spotify.

One Click Deezer Playlist


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