Spinning Instructor Kristen Dillon

Spinning® Instructor Kristen Dillon was another of the winners in our Ultimate Instructor Class Profile Contest with her; Push Your Threshold Audio PROfile!

Kristen trains cyclists at the Beach City Health and Fitness. The club is located in/on Hilton Head Island, SC where she says the only hills you'll find are those created by the red knob... rotated clockwise, during one of her four weekly classes 🙂

Kristen's success was even recognized by her local paper - how cool is that?

In its second ultimate instructor class profile contest, local Hilton Head Island Resident and Beach City Health and Fitness Spinning certified instructor Kristen Dillon was voted first runner-up by a panel of professionals. Dillon won a $300 cash prize and $250 in other prizes for her “Push Your Threshold” profile – an indoor training class designed to improve performance for indoor cyclists as well as road cyclists and triathletes.


Push Your Threshold PRO/Playlist in Spotify.

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Download Push Your Threshold pdf.


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