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Schwinn Master Trainer Rachel Buschert Vaziralli presents our latest Audio Class PROfile.

I call this workout Bad A*s Intervals because it's a hardcore interval workout & it features one of my favorite songs, "Bad A*s". This is a 3-stage workout where each stage of intervals becomes progressively harder, but each stage also gets shorter (stage 1 is 6 minutes, stage 2 is 5 minutes & stage 3 is 4 minutes). The intervals get tougher because of the changes in the work to recovery ratios - stage 1 are 1:2 ratios (20 seconds on 40 seconds off 6x), stage 2 are 1:1 ratios (30 seconds on 30 seconds off 5x) and the final stage is the mother of all 2:1 ratios, a Tabata (20 seconds on 10 seconds off 8x). This workout is about 30 minutes because it is based on the concept that the higher the intensity the shorter the workout can be. However, you could add a 15 minute stage if you wanted to amend for a 45 minute profile - my suggestion would be a hill or two but it should be placed before the interval work because the last interval set will be about "emptying the tanks" so if you coach it right & your students ride it right, they will have nothing left afterwards.


Rachel is doing a great job promoting herself online. Here are links to her websites:

www.rachelvfitness.com, her iTunes Mix http://bit.ly/CycleCoach and the future home of her workout videos www.facefearfitness.com


Here's the link to the Ultra Timer Tabata timer referenced in the PROfile

Download Rachel's PROfile PDF

Here's the Spotify playlist and in Deezer - note: you may want to use a different opening track if your class has "sensitive" ears.

Track # 7 Bad A*s is a remix - download it here (Right Click > Save As) and then add it to your playlist - be sure to set Off Line mode while both your computer and portable device are connected to the same WiFi.

You can listen to Rachel's presentation below or you'll find it in your ICI/PRO member's only feed.

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