My guest in this PRO Podcast episode wants to help you develop a 1,000 Watt Presence &  express yourself brilliantly. It starts with "taking a personal inventory" of yourself interacting with and teaching your class.

Listen as communication expert Alexa Fischer explains why recording yourself interacting and teaching your class is the first step to making small improvements to how effectively you present to and communicate with your participants. 


About Alexa Fischer

There”™s nothing like a 1,000 Watt Presence to ignite and inspire everyone you meet. In case you have lost touch with your own star qualities, Alexa Fischer knows how to bring out your inner light. She has transformed normal civilians into confident, dynamic speakers. The results? Less Fear. More FUN. And maybe some fame if you”™re a really dedicated student! Alexa is a graduate of Northwestern University, B.S. in Speech, and The Yale School of Drama, M.F.A. in Acting. She has appeared on countless episodes of hit television shows and national commercials. Beyond the television, her audiences include entrepreneurs, non-profits, corporations and teens.

Listen to my interview with Alexa below or you'll find it in the ICI/PRO members only iTunes feed.

Here is a past Podcast that explains an easy way you can record your own class, using your iPhone or Android phone.

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