Master Trainer Cameron Chinatti from Stages Indoor Cycling joins me to offer suggestions on how you can solicit constructive feedback... and then what to do with it once you receive it.

Cameron's handout begins:

Dear _____________________________________________
As a fitness professional, I take every opportunity to improve my craft to better serve each and every one of you. In addition to the time and resources that I voluntarily dedicate to learning new exercise formats and methodologies, I also strive to improve myself.
My current self-growth project is entirely dedicated to being an effective “cue-municator”. I recently completed a cutting-edge indoor cycling course and one of my assignments is to fully understand and embody my strengths - not only as an instructor, but also as a person. If you are willing, please share your helpful, honest feedback.



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Once you've gone through this process, please visit the Stages Indoor Cycling Facebook page and post a fun picture of you and maybe your class.

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