Happy New Year!

Let's kick off a fabulous 2012 indoor season with ZENDURANCE - our latest Audio PROfile from Master Instructor Jim Karanas!

The difference between "just riding" and training is that, when training, you recognize that every workout has a purpose. This is easy to forget when coaching an endurance class.   Many riders and fitness enthusiasts look forward to this time of year as a time when we can enjoy lower intensity — more relaxed workouts without the stress of high intensity.  However, there is much more to an endurance class than "just riding".  Like any other workout, an endurance ride can serve a specific purpose but, if done incorrectly, will be of little training value.

Jim and I recorded two versions of this Audio PROfile. This one is the shorter/condensed version that we kept to 20 minutes. Look for the expanded version later this week where Jim goes into more detail about how you can bring a more "Zen like" experience to your class.

The title of this Audio PROfile is based on the book Jim references - Zendurance: A Spiritual Fitness Guide for Endurance Athletes

ZENDURANCE Spotify Playlist and in Deezer.

Here's a 90 minute version playlist that I used today following this PROfile.
PROfile to print.


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